From carbonated drinks to juices, dairy and pharmaceuticals, we serve serve a wide variety ok markets.

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Carbonated drinks

Leaders in the carbonated beverage market, we offer the best conditions and quality.


We work together with our strategic partners to achieve the highest standards in the industry.


Using our innovation capabilities, we develop different covers for oils and vinegars of all types.


We know that dairy is a complex world, therefore, we offer the highest quality caps, ensuring total safety and tightness.

Home care

We have unique covers that raise the quality standards of our industry.


Attending to the most important clients of isotonic drinks, we offer solutions that assure versatility of the product.


We develop new covers for the most demanding customers.


Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, we can guarantee that our covers provide complete safety of the final product to the consumer.


Through technological innovation we manage to satisfy all the needs of our clients.

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